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The Moorish Science Temple of America, founded by Prophet Noble Drew Ali, 1913, is a holy and divine national movement, to teach our people those things necessary to make our members better citizens, obedience to law, and not to cause any confusion or to over throw the laws of the said government but to obey hereby. We teach our people of their nationality and divine creed of Moorish Americans, and birthrights, to love instead of hate, and that we are part and partial of the said government and must live the life accordingly. The Moorish Science Temple of America,Inc does not teach nor indorse or support any "sovereign" theory, or groups. Please feel free to contact us for duly qualified and authorized Divine Ministers.

Press Release
Moorish Leader's Historical Message To America
Prophet Noble Drew Ali - Founder

Prophet Noble Drew Ali

In connection with the aims, objects, rule and regulations of the Moorish Science Temple of America. I deem it proper to submit to you a brief statement of our organization, covering its inception, rise and progress and of the Mohammedan religion, which I hope will be satisfactory to you and be the means of causing you all times to adhere to the principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice in your relations with mankind in general. I further, most anxiously hope this brief statement will help you to more clearly see the duty and wisdom of at all times upholding those fundamental principles which are desired for our civilization of our posterity, such as obedience to law, respect and loyalty to government, tolerance, and unity.

We organized as the Moorish Temple of Science in the year of 1925, and were legally incorporated as a civic organization under the laws of the State of Illinois, November 29th 1926. The name Moorish Temple of Science was changed to the Moorish Science Temple of America, May 1928 in accordance with the legal requirements of the Secretary of the State of Illinois.

The object of our Organization is to help in the great program of uplifting fallen humanity and teach those things to make our members better citizens.

A National organization with a Rotarian complexion as it relates to branch Temples became obvious with the increasing number of inquiries from men and women in different sections of the organization. There are branch Temples in fifteen different states at this time.

Since the work of the Moorish Science Temple of America was largely religious, the organization has been legally changed to a religious corporation and an affidavit to this effect has been properly filed in the Cook County Recorder's office of Illinois.

Inspired by the lofty teachings of the Koran, we have it as the revealed word of God Allah. We shall foster the principles of its teachings among our members. This is our religious privilege as American citizens, under the laws of one of the greatest documents of all time, the American Constitution.

Mohammed was the founder of the Mohammed religion. It originated thirteen centuries ago on Arabian Peninsula, where the streams of commerce and culture met and mingled in the middle ages, where the markets of exchange were stationed for treasures of India and the products of the Mediterranean coasts. There this religion was established in the unprecedented short period of twenty years, and unlike many other religions, without the aid of any royal patronage and support. Buddhism had its Asoka; Judaism its Joshua; Christianity its Constantine; but Mohammedanism had no person of royal rank and power to assist in its establishment and spread. Continue Reading

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Holy Koran - CHAPTER XXV


1. Ye are the children of one father, provided for by his care; and the breast of one mother hath given you suck.
2. Let the bonds of affection, therefore, unite thee with thy brothers, that peace and happiness may dwell in thy father's house.
3. And when ye separate in the world, remember the relation that bindeth you to love and unity; and prefer not a stranger before thy own blood.
4. If thy brother is in adversity, assist him; if thy sister is in trouble, forsake her not.
5. So shall the fortunes of thy father contribute to the support of his whole race; and his care be continued to you all, in your love to each other.